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Apple 1,2 GHz m3 12'' MacBook Retina (MB10,1 - Mid 2017) verkopen

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  • Des te nauwkeurig u uw apparaat evalueert, des te sneller zullen wij uw geld overmaken
  • Zorg ervoor dat u uw apparaat zorgvuldig verpakt om schade tijdens het transport te voorkomen!

Status van het apparaat
  1. The correct hard disk capacity can be found in the system profile of your device under the Hardware menu item.

    Should the hard disk be defective, please answer the question “is the device fully functional?” with “No”.

  2. The device powers on and does not turn off automatically. Should the device show any kind of technical malfunction (e.g. does not power on, components like CPU are missing, defective ports like USB, defective soundboard, speakers, defective keyboard or keyboard illumination, defective trackpad, broken or cracked display, flickering display, streaks on the panel, defective backlight illumination etc.) the question needs to be answered with “No”. The question also needs to be answered with “No”, if the battery has less than 50% capacity or the system profiler shows, that the battery needs to be replaced

  3. Should the display show more than five defective pixels, clouding, faulty backlight illumination, or a faulty anti reflection coating, the question needs to be answered with “No”

  4. Like New if: The device is factory-welded or it is absolutely like new and free from any scratches or other signs of usage.

    Excellent if: The device does not show any signs of usage on the display. Only very few and very minimal superficial scratches on the body, which are not perceptible with a fingernail, are allowed.

    Good if: The device shows only minimal superficial signs of usage on the display, which are not perceptible with a fingernail. Minimal abrasion or very few superficial scratches on the body of the device are allowed.

    Okay if: The device shows explicit signs of usage, e.g. visible scratches on the display, which are perceptible with a fingernail, or visible prints of the keyboard on the display which do not influence the usability of the device. Deep scratches, small dents or visible abrasion on the body are allowed.

    Bad if: The device shows many or deep scratches on the display, which influence the usability of the device. The body of the device shows deformations, cracks, residues of color or glue, broken off parts which do not influence the usability of the device, heavy or deep dents/hacks, smell of nicotine. The device has been opened incorrectly. The webcam is scratched.

  5. De juiste RAM-capaciteit kan worden gevonden in System Profiler uw apparaat.

  1. The device has a MagSafe, which is in the original delivery state of the device or was repurchased as original accessories. All cables of the battery charger dispose of a flawless isolation (by repairs with insulating tape lies no flawless isolation before).

  2. A valid Apple Care Protection Plan and the Apple Care Protection Plan Certificate have to be included.

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